“You don’t know what to expect the first time you have a baby. While those first days are filled with wonder and awe, they’re also filled with a million previously unthought of questions and insecurities regarding new motherhood. The questions seem limitless in those first days and having Jen there for me as I waded through those earliest moments of new motherhood were invaluable. From teaching me how to get the baby in the Baby Bjorn to taking walks with us to simply holding the baby while I took a much-needed nap, Jen gave me the time and resources I needed to set a strong foundation as a mom. I’ll never forget how much she helped our family.”

– D. D.


“When our first child arrived five weeks premature, my husband and I were caught off guard and pretty much left in a fog once the baby arrived. Jen was more than a blessing to have around. Not only did she handle the piles of laundry, she also provided with healthy meals. This not only allowed my husband and I time to bond with our baby, but it also gave us time to play catch-up with everything, including sleep and showering, since we were quite unprepared. Having meals prepared, chores completed, and having an extra pair of hands to physically help with the baby made our transition into parenthood a lot smoother with Jen’s help.

Being a first-time mom  of a premature baby none the less  made it quite difficult for me to  want to leave the house. Jen encouraged me to get out of the house to take the baby on walks outside and  start involving our son and our daily errands. Nursing my son  was a very unnatural thing for me which discouraged me from attempting it in public when necessary. Luckily, Jen  gave me pointers  on how to  be comfortable with him and taught me how to  nurse in public  inconspicuously.

It was a very sad day when we had to say goodbye to her. If it were up to us, she would have stayed with us the entire first year!  With a newborn, you really don’t have a lot of time to handle the daily chores on a day-to-day basis that were normally taken care of without giving a second thought prior to having a child. Having an extra person around to handle these tedious tasks allows for a mother and father to concentrate on what is most important: the new addition to the family. Jen provided us that experience two-fold. She went above and beyond and we will forever be grateful.”

– R.D.